Flintrock Farms

Grow Your Own ... Food!

In this society there are so many reasons to grow your own food, it's amazing that it isn't a national obsession. Outstanding nutrition, no dangerous or questionable additives, superior freshness, and very low cost. Add to that the benefits you get from being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and it's definitely a great thing.

The easiest crop to grow here is rocks, which is how we got the name "Flintrock Farms". But among the rocks, we've found ways to grow some pretty great things. We produce excellent organic vegetables and fruits, and delicious eggs from our naturally raised chickens.

Some of our produce is available year round, thanks to our passive solar greenhouse. And some of our fruits make it into delicious jams and jellies that can be enjoyed in any season.

Finally, we also offer local gardeners a headstart on spring with hardy seedlings, grown in our greenhouse and conservatory, hardened off and ready for planting into a productive growing season.

If you're hungry for some good natural foods, or seedlings to grow your own, contact us. And in the meantime, watch this space for updates and how-to information!