Domain Hosting

There are hundreds of places where you can host your domain these days. Some of them are unbelievably expensive, some are unbelievably cheap. is neither. In fact it's something of an oddity in the modern world. While most hosting companies are all about increasing their bottom line, is about making sure your internet domain is one less thing to worry about -- it "just works".

Every client's site is treated with the same attention and care as if it were our own. We don't have telemarketers, voice response systems, tech support checklists, or overseas call centers. What we do have is an understanding of how domains operate, and a desire to make sure your domain is always up and running at peak performance. We can handle website design, programming, custom scripting, graphics work, and content preparation.

Interested? Contact us. Availability is limited.

Software Development / Custom Programming

With the multitude of software programs available today, it seems like you should be able to find a program that will do anything you want. Unfortunately, "off-the-shelf" packages often just aren't quite right. Sometimes your particular requirements are just slightly different than a premade package. Sometimes a program is poorly designed so that you have to work harder to perform a simple task. Other times, your software is almost there, but lacks one critical piece to tie it all together. And sometimes your requirements are so specialized that a premade package doesn't even exist! What can you do?

You could try to shoehorn your needs into a premade package. Or you could contact us and let us develop a piece of software that is a perfect fit for your needs. Whether you need an entire application, or just that one little missing piece that makes everything fit, we can help. Here, too, availability is limited.